1. Ah, the ever famous Japanese cherry blossoms!! Some day, I must visit Japan during spring time to see them bloom! And how cute are the lil scarves on the itty bitty statues..absolutely beautiful and serenading.

  2. Great photos. I was wondering when our fashion/blog photos where going to cross paths. I did a post on Zojo-ji back on December 1st 2014 titled, A Casual Encounter at Zoji.

    Zojo-ji i a relatively small temple but oh so beautiful. Didn’t you just love the Jizo Statues in the children cemetery. I could almost cry again. So sad. Well I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  3. Hi!
    Thank you for commented on my blog.
    Do you live in Japan?
    I am a Japanese so I am happy because you took beautiful Japanese photos!


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