Tokyo Imperial Palace


When I moved to NYC I quite quickly noticed that I’m a nature junkie. Growing up in Sweden, with its beautiful nature surrounding me, I never quite understood how addicted I really am to it. On the weekends, in between all the fun and all the schoolwork, I often found myself craving some nature. I lived in Soho, so I often took a walk or ran by the Hudson River, or I walked all the way up to Central Park and got a fair bit of nature. Even if I longed for the big and quiet woods, and the feeling of being totally surrounded by it, I saw something very charming and fascinating about Central Park. If you never been to Central Park you might think that it feels like you’re in the woods, let me tell you that it doesn’t. You can always see the skyscrapers, feel the city pulse and hear how the New Yorkers are on their way somewhere.

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo reminds me of Central Park in a way.  The Imperial Palace is located in the center of Tokyo,  just a short walk away from Tokyo station. It is located in a big park area surrounded by massive stone walls and moats. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place in the middle of this crazy big city, just like Central Park on Manhattan (except that Manhattan is tiny compared to Tokyo). When you´re standing there, looking at the Imperial Palace, you can just turn your head a little bit and see the skyline of skyscrapers and huge office buildings just next to the park. I love history and even if I wished that I could see how the castle and its surroundings looked when it was newly built, I like the mix between something very old and something very new. It’s charming in a way.

Have a lovely Wednesday evening (or day, wherever you’re in the world)!

ElleImperialPalace2ImperialPalace3Imperialpalace4ImperialPalace5Imperialpalace6Imperialpalace7imperialpalace8imperialpalace9imperialpalace10imperialpalace11imperialpalace12imperialpalace13imperialpalace14imperialpalace15imperialpalace16imperialpalace17imperialpalace18imperialpalace19Sweater: BikBok, Skirt: Bershka, Hat: Zara, Boots: Scorett, Backpack: Store in NYC




  1. Love your outfit! specially the hat and the cool boots! I’ve never been in Tokio but I’d love to, and noow that I’ve seen those worderful pictures I want it even more!! 🙂 xo

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