Tokyo Halloween Street Style


I hope you guys are having a nice Monday? It´s a national holiday here in Japan today, Culture Day, and both a loud musical and some kind of market have been going on outside of my window. I want to share these Halloween photos with you. I shot them in Harajuku and Shibuya on the day of Halloween. Since I lived in NYC before I moved here I’m used to seeing people dress up on Halloween (in NYC everyone dress up, it’s like a Mad City – I Love it!). In Tokyo it’s the same way and there were so many scary, cute, funny, beautiful, original and weird costumes to be seen on the streets. So much fun!

PS. If it’s you on the photos, it was very nice to meet you! Please let me know if you want me to add your Instagram/blog under the photos! DS.

Have a lovely start of the week!


TokyoHalloween2TokyoHalloween3TokyoHalloween4TokyoHalloween5TokyoHalloween6TokyoHalloween7TokyoHalloween8TokyoHalloween9TokyoHalloween10TokyoHalloween11TokyoHalloween12TokyoHalloween13TokyoHalloween14TokyoHalloween15TokyoHalloween16TokyoHalloween17TokyoHalloween18TokyoHalloween19TokyoHalloween20Photo 9: Zombie Samurai @ART_LANTIS_K


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