The Sea & The Knits


Something I’ve missed ever since I moved from Sweden is our beautiful nature. We Swedes love our nature. I can long like a crazy man for the quiet woods, the fresh air, the everlasting summer nights when it feels like the sun never will set, the breathtaking archipelago and the dark blue sea. I love the calm and refreshing feeling I get while walking in the woods or watching the sunset by the sea. If you live far away from home, what do you miss about your home country?

Don’t forget to take care of our earth, we only have one.

Love,                                                                                                                                                       Elle


theseaandknits3theseaandknits4theseaandknits5theseaandknits6theseaandknits7theseaandknits8theseaandknits9theseaandknits10theseaandknits11theseaandknits12theseaandknits13theseaandknits14theseaandknits15theseaandknits16theseaandknits17Sweater: Hunkdory, Distressed jeans: Retro Girl, Sandals: H&M, Necklace: F21, Bracelet: Dyrberg/Kern, Sunnies: Ray-Ban



  1. Beautiful! I’m originally from Canada, but live in Los Angeles now. The thing I miss most has got to be my family, it’s hard not seeing them very often! But as for the outfit, love the ripped denim and chunky knit, two of fall’s biggest trends! 🙂

    xx Jilli

    1. Thank you Jilli! I’ve heard Canada is absolutely beautiful, would love to go there! I miss my family and friends a lot too!
      xx Elle

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