One Japanese dish I Love is Shabu-Shabu. This flavorful hot-pot is both a delicious and a very social dinner idea (like a lot of the Japanese food). So what is this Shabu-Shabu and what is so special about it? In a hot-pot placed in the middle of the table you and the other dinner guests cook your own food together. You place different kinds of vegetables, tofu, noodles and meats and let it boil until you think it has soaked up all the delicious flavors. What a social and fun way of having dinner, right? You can usually choose from a number of different broths and choose what kind of vegetables and meats you want to add. Since I’m a vegan there’s always a little bit of a hard time eating Shabu-Shabu (a lot of the broths contains meat or fish) so I think you can understand how excited I was to find a vegan Shabu-Shabu restaurant (with the choice to order meat if you wanted to). I went there with some friends (one of them googled for vegan restaurants in the area we were in and found this perfect place) and it was such a nice evening. The name of this restaurant is “Yasai no Ohsama” (which suitable means “King of vegetables”) and is located in Ginza.

I think you all should google if there are some restaurants in your town who serves Shabu-Shabu and go there right away! Just be sure to not eat anything before, most of the times it’s “all you can eat” and it’s so good that you will eat until you’re beyond full…..or maybe that’s just me…

Have you tried Shabu-Shabu?



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