Rooftop Addiction


When I lived in NYC I kind of got myself into a rooftop addiction. I just Love seeing big cities from above. I Love how you can see and understand how the city is built and how close or far some places are to each other. All the people, cabs, cars, stores and parks looks like small toys from above, very surreal. I Love standing in my apartment when the sun has set and look at all the lights that shine over the city. I don’t know why I Love it so much but it gives me some kind of calmness. This post is from the rooftop at Tokyo Plaza Omotesando/Harajuku. Tokyo Plaza is a shopping mall with lots of fun stores. The rooftop is on the 6th floor but it’s high enough to get a beautiful view. I usually go to the big, yet very cozy Starbucks on the same floor and sometimes I sit outside and look at the view. As you can see you have a lot of different seats to choose from. This is a nice stop if you’re out shopping in Omotesando or Harajuku and need a coffee break. On the 7th floor there’s a restaurant with a small terrace to enjoy the view from too.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


OmotesandoRooftop2 OmotesandoRooftop3 OmotesandoRooftop4 OmotesandoRooftop5 OmotesandoRooftop6 OmotesandoRooftop7 OmotesandoRooftop9 OmotesandoRooftop10 OmotesandoRooftop11 OmotesandoRooftop12 OmotesandoRooftop13 OmotesandoRooftop14 OmotesandoRooftop15 OmotesandoRooftop16 OmotesandoRooftop17 OmotesandoRooftop18 OmotesandoRooftop19


  1. Elle, såå fina bilder. Jag blir sugen på att sitta där i en hängstol och bara njuta! Väldigt roligt att följa din blogg. Roligt också att du hamnade i Japan som du drömde om, på den tiden vi sågs. Allt gott, kram!

    1. Tack så mycket! Så mysigt och fint överallt här. Ja, tänk att det blev så. Drömmar går verkligen i uppfyllelse 🙂 Hoppas allt är bra med dig! KRAMAR

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