Pull Through Side Braid Tutorial with Video ♥

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You may have noticed that I’ve posted some hair tutorial clips on my Instagram, @cherryblossomstreet, lately. Since Instagram only allows 60 second videos I think this hair tutorial (which is the hairstyle in my latest outfit post) need a bit more instructions. I’ll also post some more complicated ones on my Youtube channel soon.

You need:

  • A lot of small clear elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Some patience 🙂

Look at the video below and follow these steps to make this pull through braid:

♥      Start by dividing your hair to the side
♥      Take a small section in the front and do a ponytail
♥      Do another ponytail right beneath the first one
♥      Split the first ponytail in half and put the second ponytail through the middle of the first  one, add hair from the front and the back to the sides of the first ponytail
♥      Do the same step as above but now with the second ponytail: take the second ponytail – split in half – insert the other ponytail and then add hair to both sides of the second ponytail.
♥      Do the splitting and inserting step above two more times but only add hair from the back
♥      Pull out and massage the sections of the braid to make it look fuller and thicker
♥      Now you’re done with adding hair to the ponytails. Put the loose hair to the side and just do the steps above without adding any new hair.
♥      Finish off by pulling the sections of the braid and massaging it so it looks more full and thick
♥      I usually bobby pin the loose hair to the side, so it’ll stick to the same side when I move around
♥      Voilà – you’re finished 🙂

 Tips to remember:

  • Use clips! It’s easier to clip away the hair sections while braiding,  than to just try to make it stay out of the way like I did 😉
  • Pull out and massage the braid to make it look bigger, thicker and more full. It’s easier to pull out and massage the first part of the braid when your halfway than to do it all in one shot.
  • If it doesn’t turn out right the first time, try again! Have fun with it and don’t take it too serious 🙂

If you try this hairstyle please use the tag #cherryblossomstreethair or put a link to your picture here in this post. I would love to see how you pull through braids turn out 🙂


PS. I’m sorry about the quality in this video, somehow my camera only decided to focus in the end of the video..


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