Pearls and Colors


What happened with the summer? It’s already Fashion Month and I haven’t stopped dreaming about new bikinis and flowy summer dresses yet. This is the outfit which I gave you a sneak peek from last week. Looking at these pictures from beautiful Rhodes makes me want to snap my fingers and get back to that moment. The hot summer sun kissing my skin, the wind cooling me off and the amazing Greek food.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big dreamer. My thoughts wander whenever they get a chance. Sometimes I can feel that it’s hard to live in the moment, to seize the day to its fullest. I can sit and dream about the next summer, the next vacation, the last summer, the next time I meet my family and friends, the last Christmas and so on. I’m definitively getting better at living each day to its fullest, but if you guys have some advise, please share them! Are you good at living in the moment or do your thoughts wander to the past or the future?

Seize the day!

Love,                                                                                                                                                       Ellepearlsandcolors2Pearlsandcolors3pearlsandcolors4pearlsandcolors5pearlsandcolors6colorsandpearls7pearlsandcolors8pearlsandcolors9pearlsandcolors10pearlsandcolors11pearlsandcolors12pearlsandcolors13pearlsandcolors14pearlsandcolors15pearlsandcolors16Dress: Zara, Pearl Belt: Zara, Bag: Vintage, Wedges: Steve Madden, Sunnies: can’t remember, Bracelets: Dyrberg Kern and Bjørg, Hair elastic: Accessoires store in Lumine (Tokyo)



  1. Very cute outfit, thanks for sharing! Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I’m with you, I always get sad at the end of summer and the thought of saying goodbye to my summer wardrobe! However, now that I live in LA, I happily rock the flirty dresses for more of the year.

    xx Jilli

    1. Thank you Jilli! I love to wear white all year around. LA has the perfect weather, warm but you’re still able to wear your fall wardrobe 🙂 I’m happy to live in Tokyo too, it’s usually quite warm there until December.
      xx Elle

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