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It’s the typhoon season in Japan right now. Sunday evening and night was very rainy and windy and I was happy to be able to stay inside. I get so affected by the weather, do you know what I mean? It’s almost like my mood drops when the temperature drops, or no it’s actually not that bad. Like I said before, I like to have four different seasons. It would just be nice to skip the dark, grey and rainy days. One good thing always comes after the storms here in Tokyo: the extremely clear view you get over the city. Living on the 24th floor with a view over Mount Fuji is really something special, especially during these clear days. After the storm had passed it was almost like wearing a new pair of superhero glasses, the view was breathtaking and the sky so clear! Do you also get affected by the weather?

I still have some outfits from both Sweden and Greece left to show you. This one is from the beautiful Old Town of Rhodes. It was such a beautiful and special evening and the light was so pretty. I hope you like the photos as much as I do.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

ElleOldTownRhodes2OldTownRhodes3OldTownRhodes4OldTownRhodes5OldTownRhodes6OldTownRhodes7OldTownRhodes8OldTownRhodes9OldTownRhodes10OldTownRhodes11OldTownRhodes12OldTownRhodes13OldTownRhodes14Dress: Vintage, Belt: Zara, Sandals: Steve Madden, Scarf: Burberry


  1. Love your outfit! Feeling sad when the weather is bad is called Seasonal Affective Disorder! A lot people get it where I live and they use light boxes on their desks – my friend has one and she swears that it works!

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