Neoprene Graffiti


Sunday again and the sunset outside the window was as beautiful as always. How was your weekend, did you do anything fun? I’ve had a very cozy weekend. I’ve been exploring some places here in Tokyo which I haven’t been to before. This city is just like a treasure chest, everywhere you look you find interesting and exciting places. There are so many places which are perfect to photograph, for outfits or just by themselves. You don’t see much graffiti here, like you do in NYC for example. When I saw this colorful wall I thought it would look perfect with my outfit, what do you guys think?

Have a lovely Sunday!

ElleGrafittiHarajuku2GrafittiHarajuku3GrafittiHarajuku4GrafittiHarajuku5GrafittiHarajuku6GrafittiHarajuku7GrafittiHarajuku8GrafittiHarajuku9GrafittiHarajuku10GrafittiHarajuku11GrafittiHarajuku12GrafittiHarajuku13GrafittiHarajuku14GrafittiHarajuku15GrafittiHarajuku16GrafittiHarajuku17Neoprene Jacket: Made by me (similar here), Neoprene Baseball cap: Bershka (similar here), Neoprene skirt: Bershka (similar here), Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (similar here), Earring: WEGO (similar here), Bag: Michael Kors, Tights: Shibuya109


  1. wow! I can’t believe you made the jacket! It’s absolutely stunning–a great combination of simple, girly, and classy! <3 I wish I could get one~ <3

    The background is perfect! makes your outfit stand out so nicely 🙂

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