Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week – ZIN KATO


I was invited to some shows during Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week. Most of the shows were held in the Shibuya Hikarie building.

Zin Kato was one of the shows I attended. Toru Kato is the designer behind the very feminine and beautiful brand Zin Kato. Toru Kato established Zin Co.,Ltd in 1975, after graduating from Tokyo Bunka Fashion College. He opened a store in LA in 2001. He describes his style as ‘a style that is free from the times, with a sense of haute couture and a touch of delicacy’. The theme for the 2015 spring/summer collection was ‘Beyond Elegance’, and it sure was very elegant with delicate fabrics and embellishments. The collection was divided into two parts, the first part felt very delicate with a lot of white, cream and pastel colors. In the second part he used darker colors and the designs felt more evening  than the first part. Since I was sitting in the front row, I could really see all the details and the many hours that was put into each garment. I have such a weakness for lace (I have my Bridal/Special Occasion designer side of me to thank for that) and he used a lot of different laces and lace embellishments. I just wanted to touch all the delicate fabrics and look even closer at the embellishments!

What do you think about the collection and do you maybe have a favorite Japanese designer?

P.S. My camera and I weren’t the best friends during the show so if you want to see more pictures from the collection, please look here D.S.

ZinKato2ZinKato3ZinKato4ZinKato5ZinKato6ZinKato7ZinKato8ZinKato9ZinKato10ZinKato11ZinKato12ZinKato13ZinKato14ZinKato15ZinKato16ZinKato17ZinKato18ZinKato19ZinKato20ZinKato21The view over some of Shibuya from the Shibuya Hikarie Building.


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