It´s still very nice and warm weather here in Tokyo. During the days it´s still too hot to use a jacket or a knitted sweater, but some nights are a little bit more chilly and I Love that. You know that first day of fall, when you can feel how the season is changing? It gets just a little bit colder, the air gets crispy and clear and it almost feels like a new beginning. I Love that feeling! That feeling takes me back to NYC and its beautiful fall weather. I Loved sitting in my window in Soho and looking down at the street when the season changed. The NYC people were starting to wear fashionable hats, knits and scarfs to keep warm and look fabulous. When the leaves started to change color and it looked like the trees were on fire in Central Park, oh beautiful memories! Tokyo has the perfect fall weather, you can still wear a pretty skirt and a knitted cosy sweater without being cold and sacrificing your health. Even if I always feel a kind of sadness when the fall and winter is sneaking up on us and the summer just becomes a memory, I still Love the different seasons. Do you live in a country with four distinct different seasons?

Don´t forget to look at the trees when Fall comes to change their color!



meow3meow4meow5meow6meow7meow8meow9meow10meow11meow12meow13meow14meow15meow16Boyfriend jeans: Retro Girl, Jacket: F21, Shoes; Zara, Cap: Bershka, Necklace: Shop in Harajuku, Earrings: Glitter, Iphone cover: Shop in Omotesando



  1. You look so rad!! I love everything you wear. The boyfriend jeans rock! Yes I live in a country with four different seasons. My favorite is the fall 😀


  2. I love chilly fall nights, but I am looking forward to being able to wear layers throughout the day. I am envious of you living in Tokyo! Your photos are beautiful and I love the details of your outfit, like your phone case and earrings.

    1. I love that about fall, you can layer your pieces and create totally new looks 🙂
      Thank you dear!
      xx Elle

  3. I wish I had distinct seasons, here in my Cali city its 10 months of blazing hot summer and 2 months of chill to the bone winter, repeat.
    Wow Tokyo, it’s my dream city! Do you speak Japanese, did you learn while there?
    Anyways, the earrings are so cute, love how they just sneak up on you with that back part 🙂 Personally the hat isn’t something I would add but thats more of your personal style 🙂


    1. Thank you Maria! How cold does it get during those cold months?
      I speak a little bit Japanese, learning every day 🙂
      xx Elle

  4. Having lived in L.A. for the past decade, I did not see a change more than 25 degrees in weather across the calendar year. Now that I’m in San Francisco, I’m looking forward to cozy sweaters and now have to stock up on thicker jackets. The foliage and changing seasons in NYC always seems so lovely, but I know I couldn’t function in a real winter.

    the latest on

    1. Hi Catherine,
      I’ve heard that San Francisco can get quite cold, and that it’s a beautiful place to live.
      I know what you mean, I love the winter yet I’m always so cold during those months. It would be perfect with just one month of winter 🙂
      xx Elle

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