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I’m finally in Tokyo again! Totally jet lagged, yet super happy to be in this colorful, crazy town I’m lucky to call my home. Even if I moved from Sweden over 5 years ago, I still feel that it’s very hard to say goodbye to family and friends every time I leave. It certainly didn’t got easier over time, I would probably say that it got harder. Especially when big and exciting things are about to happen in your family. If you live far away from your family and friends do you feel that it’s hard saying goodbye every time you leave or did it got easier over time?

I still have some outfits from Greece and Sweden to show you. This outfit is from Swedens beautiful capital city Stockholm.

Hold your family and friends close to your heart!

Love,                                                                                                                                                                 Elle


PinkMichaelKors3PinkMichaelKors4PinkMichaelKors5PinkMichaelKors6PinkMichaelKors8PinkMichaelKors9PinkMichaelKors10PinkMichaelKors11PinkMichaelKors12PinkMichaelKors13Top: Choies, Leather shorts: Boutique in Soho, NYC, Bag: Michael Kors, Shoes: Zara, Scarf: Anna Sui, Necklace: shop in Harajuku, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Shop in Omotesando


  1. Det blev svårare och svårare efter att Kajsa föddes, för jag såg hur mycket hon förändrades under tiden jag va borta!

    Kram och njut av Tokyohösten

  2. I have family all around the world, and every time I have to say goodbye… oh, it’s so upseting. I wish I could see them more often. I guess we just have to focus in the positive things and remember that at least we have a chance to see them.
    By the way, I’m glad you’re back in Tokyo!
    With love,

  3. I love this top! I saw a similar one at H&M and I like how you styled it with the black bra. The hot pink bag is so fun!

    1. Hi Akiko!
      Thank you! Yes, I live I’m Tokyo, where in japan are you from? Where do you leave in the US? I lived in NYC before I moved here 🙂
      xx Elle

  4. Hej!
    Nu har jag startat upp min blogg igen, efter att ha haft ett uppehåll på snart ett åt. Jag hoppas att du kikar in och förhoppningsvis blir inspirerad. Min blogg handlar om mode, resor och inredning.

    Kramar Emma

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