Jam-packed Garage


You know when you see the perfect place to take an outfit photo? You can see how perfect it would look, but of course the place is totally jam-packed with people. This place was really such a place. I wish that I could had freezed all the people, put them in a corner, shot the perfect outfit photo and then just put them back into their places and pushed play again. But we all know that isn’t possible (or if it is, please tell me!). Even if I wasn’t able to do an outfit post from this place I just want to show you how pretty and perfect it was.

This is the ”Toyota History Garage” in Odaiba, Tokyo (more from Odaiba will come up in later posts).

toyotamuseum2toyotamuseum3toyotamuseum4toyotamuseum5toyotamuseum6toyotamuseum7toyotamuseum8toyotamuseum9toyotamuseum10toyotamuseum11toyotamuseum12toyotamuseum13The car from the cult movie  ”Back to the Future”, how cool!?


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