Happy New Year and 2014 Recap


We shot my very first outfit on a super hot Tokyo summer night, For the 2nd outfit I talked about my love for being a Fashion Chameleon.

Happy New Year! How was your New Years Eve, did you do anything fun?

I hope you don’t think that I’ve checked out from the cyber world. I brought my old Macbook Air with me to Sweden to be able to blog from here. The only thing was that it didn’t want to work with me at all, taking ages to both work on the photos and upload to the blog. As the lucky girl I am my Love just bought me a new Macbook Pro! Now I can finally update you guys with some new outfits and photos from my hometown. First I want to show you a recap of most of the looks I posted in 2014. I started the blog on the very last day of July in 2014 and I’m very happy to see how it has grown and blossomed ever since.

I hope you guys follow me on Instagram? If not, go ahead and do so 😉 I’ve posted photos from my stay here in Gothenburg, including my new hair color! I can honestly say that it felt like I was wearing a wig the first couple of days, but now I really like it! What do you guys think?

I hope you have a lovely start of 2015 and that you still want to follow me in my beloved Tokyo this year too. I will go back to Tokyo in about a week and I can’t wait!

Love, Ellerecap22014In the beginning of August I told you about my love for statement jewelry and walked around in Harajuku wearing my colorful Dolce & Gabbana skirt while drinking Matcha Frappuccinos.recap32014This day was super hot and I was eating a Kakigori ice cream while shooting this banana look. In August we went to Sweden for vacation and the weather was horribly cold and rainy so we took a last minute trip to beautiful Rhodes, Greece.recap42014Rhodes was gorgeous and the weather was perfect! I wore an all blue outfit to fit in with all the blue and white. We went to the Acropoleos and l was astonished over how pretty it was.
recap52014We shot this dreamy look in the Old Town of Rhodes. We also went to Lindos for a day and shot this denim look while the sun was setting. It was incredibly beautiful!recap62014These two looks where shot in the incredible Swedish archipelago.
recap72014I went to Stockholm with my mom and aunt to hang out with my brother and his wife. When I got back to Tokyo I talked about how much I missed NYC and showed you this beautiful lace dress. recap82014It was the end of September and it was still crazy hot. We went to Akihabara, Electric Town, to shoot this look. October came and I wore my white distressed boyfriend jeans a lot and that Meow necklace too. recap92014I found this perfect Sugar dress and told you about my sweet tooth. We took a boat trip to Odaiba and shot this look in the sunset. recap102014We went to the Tokyo Imperial Palace and shot this look. I put together a very last-minute Halloween look and got surprisingly happy with it. recap112014In the end of October we went to the paradise Shimoda. It was still very warm and very, very beautiful. We shot the first look on the beach and it’s probably one of my favourites look we ever shot. The lace dress was shot just outside of our hotel, the view was incredible.recap122014It was in the middle of November and I could still wear skirts and sweaters. We went to Harajuku and found this cool graffiti wall, my look for the day was perfect in front of it. I bought this fun faux fur bag and walked around petting it. recap132014I posted an old summer look in front of the ”Jidouhanbaiki” vending machines and a lot of you knew how fun and convenient they are. In the end of November we went to the Vegan Tokyo Vegefood Festa. recap152014Fall came and the trees in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden were on fire, it was so pretty! It went a little bit colder and I was able to wear coats, at least for some hours of the day. This color combo is one of my favorites. 

recap162014Suddenly it started to get really cold in Tokyo and I enjoyed being able to wear my pearl embroidered knitted dress and sipping on a hot Matcha latte. In the first week of December we went to Ginza and shot this green faux fur look. I was longing for our upcoming trip to Sweden.recap172014I got engaged!! and couldn’t wait to go home to our families to celebrate the Holidays. The last look of the year, before flying home to Sweden, was shot on Cat Street in between Shibuya and Omotesando. I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to offer in all parts of my life!


    1. Yes, I’m so happy to have a new laptop! Me too, it’s so much fun to see what suits me now with a bit darker hair!
      xx Elle

    1. Thank you dear and a Happy New Year to you too! And thank you for your sweet comment, it made me very happy!
      xx Elle

    1. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too! 2015 really started good 🙂 I hope you’ll have an amazing year!
      xx Elle

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