Hama-rikyū Gardens

Hama-rikyu Gardens1

Do you remember the boat trip I took a couple of weeks ago? I was going from Asakusa to Odaiba, one of the stops along the way was ‘Hama-rikyu Gardens’. The garden looked absolutely beautiful from the boat and I felt right away that I had to go there some other time.

After a photoshoot one weekend, I met up with some friends and we ended up going to the Hama-rikyu Garden. When we entered I suddenly noticed that I’ve actually been in the garden before, but more than 7 years ago! That’s a quite funny thing that happens now and then here in Tokyo. I remember beautiful places I went to the first time I was in Tokyo, but I can’t remember where they actually are located- and suddenly I’m standing at the place and thinking ”of course it was located here!”. The Hama-rikyu Garden was as beautiful as I remembered it to be. Most of the gardens/parks in Tokyo have an entrance fee, usually around 300 yen ( approximately 3 USD or 20 SEK). The parks usually open in the mornings, around 9 am and closes around 5 pm.

The Hama-rikyu Garden was originally a ground and social place for the Shogun Family. Later on it became a place for the Royal Family to enjoy themselves and enjoy the beautiful nature it has to offer. Royal parties were held there. In 1946 it opened up to the public and in 1952 it was designated, by the country, to be a special place for scenic beauty and great historical interest. It is a quite big garden with a lot of different, beautiful spots to visit. Close to the entrance there is a huge 300 years old pine tree. In Nakajima-no-ochaya (Nakajima Teahouse)  you can sit down and drink a cup of Japanese tea and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Once again I have to say that I love the mix of the old Japanese houses in the garden and the ‘new’ city that is surrounding it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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