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Faux fur clutch, Tokyo, Japan

Hi Lovelies!

How’s you Thursday and what have you been up to? I went to Bikram Yoga today. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Bikram Yoga is 26 specific yoga postures done in a 40 °C/104°F heated room. You do each posture twice and the lesson is 90 minutes. Yes, you do sweat a lot, and I really mean A LOT. I used to do Bikram Yoga frequently while I lived in NYC. During two of my years there I really was a Bikram Yoga addict. I used to practice it around 5 times a week and I truly Loved it. The last couple of months I’ve missed the hot and sweaty yoga classes. The class today was in Japanese only and I felt comfortable doing it because I knew that my body would know what to do. I thought that it would be like riding a bike, you always remember. My body really remembered every posture, yet I wasn’t really used to how it’s affecting the body. Since I have a very low blood pressure I started to feel very dizzy in the beginning. 10 minutes in to the lesson it felt like I was going to faint and throw up at the same time. My body was screaming ”What’s wrong with you?! What are you doing to me? You used to love this??”. I continued and pushed through that horrible feeling and tuned in to that wonderful flow it always had put me in before. So watch out, I think that my Bikram addiction is back. Have you tried it and what did you think?

In this outfit I show you my new faux fur clutch, how cute is it? It’s so soft too, I just want to pet it all the time…

Have a Lovely day or night, wherever you are in the world!

ElleRed lipstick and hat, Tokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanRed lipstick and hat, Tokyo, JapanTokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanTokyo Japan, Metro, gifFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanStudded boots, Tokyo, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanToky, JapanFaux fur clutch, Tokyo, JapanRed lipstick, tokyo, japanCoat: Zara (similar here and here), Silk blouse: Just Female (similar here and here), Jeans: Gina Tricot (similar here and here), Faux Fur Clutch: WEGO (similar here, here, here and here), Hat: Zara (similar here and here), Studded boots: Boutique in Soho, NYC (similar here and here), Lipstick: Face Stockholm in color ”Stunning Matte”



  1. I used to go to Bikram all the time – kinda miss it although my blood pressure is too low for the heat! LOVE the outfit and that bold lip, you look great x

    1. Hi Jamie-lee!
      Thank you for your sweet comment!
      Did your blood pressure feel better with time? I felt much better after been doing the Bikram yoga for a couple of weeks.
      xx Elle

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