Evening Strolling in Shimoda


Halloween is over and all the spooky decorations have been replaced by  Christmas decorations and carols are playing loudly in the stores. I love the Christmas decorations, but carols? Isn’t that a little bit too early?

Anyways, this post is from Shimoda. We took a walk from the hotel (which you can see on the 8th photo, what an amazing view huh?) and just explored the city for a couple of hours. It was such a beautiful walk by the water. I just said over and over again ”Oh it would have been so cool to shoot an outfit over there…and over there…oh and look over there! How beautiful!”. I’m such a nature freak, I feel so calm and inspired when I’m surrounded by beautiful nature. The color settings with the green hills, the turquoise water and the cliffs in all its different browns and blacks were so pretty! A small guide about Shimoda will come up soon!

Have a lovely day or evening (wherever you are in the world) and don’t forget to stress down and enjoy the nature around you!



  1. så vackra bilder! Jag förstår att du njöt av att gå där och se dom vackra vyerna. Vi stannar för sällan upp och tar vara på dom vackra stunderna!

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