Electric Town


Something I Love about Tokyo is that it has so many different areas and places to visit. It reminds me of NYC in a way, where you can go to a new ”country” every day if you want to (China Town, Little Italy, Koreatown, Little India and so on). I’m not here to teach you about geography but If you never been to Tokyo you might think that it’s just one big city and that all the different places are quite close to each other, this is not accurate. The ”inner city” of Tokyo is built of 23 special wards (the area of these wards are 622 km2 /240.1 sq mi and more than 9 million people live here. More than 13 million people live in the Tokyo metropolis and around 35 million people in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area). Within these special wards there are a huge amount of districts. Akihabra, Electric Town is one of those districts (located in the Chiyoda ward). I think this is very interesting, but since this is a fashion blog I’m going to stop myself now!

I’m not a computer freak or a tech geek but I love all the neon, the cosplay kids, the weird and fun stores and the atmosphere in Akihabara. Follow my Instagram for pics from Tokyo every day!

Let the neon shine on you!


akihabara2akihabara3akihabara4akihabara5akihabara6akihabara7akihabara8akihabara9akihabara10akihabara11akihabara12akihabara13akihabara14akihabara15Top: Zara, Neopren Skirt: Bershka, Bag: Shop in Shibuya109, Shoes: Zara, Leather bracelet: Louis Vuitton, Karma Bracelet: Dogeared, Necklace: F21, Earrings: Glitter



  1. Hi Elle, I found your and I have to say that I love it.
    I read that you are fashion designer, thats sounds really interesting, I will follow you on facebook to stay up date with latest post.
    And by the way I hope one day visit tokyo, Is it really awesome like it seems?
    Hope you have a wonderful day, let’s stay in touch.
    Kisses and Hugs

    Jackelin Ccorahua

    1. Thank you sweetie!
      You really should go to Tokyo, it’s even more amazing than it seems 🙂
      Have a beautiful day!
      xx Elle

  2. Hej!
    Efter en lång tids uppehåll så har jag nu börjat blogga igen. Om du vill bli inspirerad av mode, inredning och resor så ska du kika in på min blogg. Jag hoppas att du vill följa med på min resa!


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