A walk in 原宿


I already told you that 原宿 (Harajuku) is one of my favorite places in Tokyo. All the cool kids hang there to show of their personal styles and secretly wish for the Street Style photographers to pick them to be featured. I feel so inspired whenever I go there! It’s such a colorful and special place and even if you don’t feel like shopping (I’m not sure if this state of mind can be possible but if) there so much to look at. You can wander for hours while looking at the crazy and cool Street Style, the shops and the colorful signs. Takeshita Street is a quite narrow yet long street with a lot of small colorful shops and even more crepes cafes. The japanese (especially young girls) Love their crepes- and I can’t blame them, it looks delicious. I usually buy a かき氷 (Kakigōri), which is shaved ice with different toppings and flavors. It’s Oh so yummy and perfect for those hot hot hot summer months.

Don’t forget to stress down and let yourself wander from time to time!

Love,                                                                                                                                                       Elle

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