Braid Addict

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Hi sweeties, The interior hunt is continuing and I find it super hard to find what we are looking for! I see so many pretty furniture and decor online (mostly from the US) and can’t find it in tiny little Sweden Anyways, hopefully we find what we’re looking for soon so we can move in […]

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Fishtail Braids & Boho Vibes

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Hi sweeties, Long time no see (but you know that you can see more of me on Instagram: @cherryblossomstreet and Snapchat: ch3rryblossomst). I’ve been running around looking for beds, sofas, tables and everything else (we have absolutely no furniture in the apartment right now) until my head has been spinning. We finally bought a bed […]

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Henri Bendel Uptown Satchel ♥

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Some of you have been asking me how it feels to be back in Sweden again, I’ve been in Sweden for 10 days now and it’s kind of hard to understand that we’re actually staying here. I’ve been coming here every summer and almost every winter over the 7 years I’ve lived abroad so this […]

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Frends x Cherry Blossoms

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My jet lag is finally starting to get better. I’ve read somewhere that it takes 1 day per missing hour to get used to a new timezone. Since Tokyo is 7 hours ahead of Sweden it can take up to 7 days to feel normal again and today is the seventh day so it might be […]

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Space Buns & Leaving Tokyo

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Hey sweeties, I just got home. I met up with two of my oldest friends, who I haven’t seen for a long time, and had a really lovely afternoon and evening ♥ I’ve been so jet lagged since I got to Sweden. Sometimes the jet lag hit me really hard and sometimes not at all. I […]

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Jet Lag & Cherry Blossoms

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Hey guys ♥ If you follow me on Snapchat (ch3rryblossomst) or Instagram (@cherryblossomstreet) you already know that I’m in my hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. I got here last night and I’ll tell you all about it soon but right now I’m so jet lagged that I can’t think straight. I met up with my mom today and […]

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Denim X Sakura

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Hi sweeties, How are you and how was your weekend? If you follow me on Snapchat (ch3rryblossomst) you know that I had a super fun Saturday. We started with some yummy Japanese food at Gonpachi in Shibuya, followed by drinks at Legato (with the prettiest view over Tokyo) and then singing until we didn’t have any […]

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Blu Jam Cafe in Tokyo

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A couple of weekends ago we met some friends at the newly opened Blu Jam Cafe in Daikanyama. I hadn’t heard about the place before and my first thought was that it had a trendy American look to it and I liked the big open space (in Japan a lot of restaurants are divided into more private rooms). […]

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Moon Rabbits & Braids

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Happy Sunday Funday! I dad a relaxing weekend, last night we had date night, dinner and a movie. We saw ”The Big Short” which was really good! You have to know a bit about economics and finance to be able to keep up with the movie and don’t get totally lost in all the financial terms […]

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